I help people transform their bodies
and their lives by teaching them
The Process Project Blueprint!

Learn and execute this unique and simple process to
radically improve your body and life while saying goodbye
to yo-yo dieting, unnecessary stress and obsession with the scale,
And not being able to stick to “the plan”.

(and learn what a Resolved Warrior is and why it matters to YOU!)

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What Are People Saying About
The Process Project?

“There is no scarcity of opportunity in pursuing what you want. There is only scarcity of the RESOLVE to do what it takes.”

We all have goals, and the opportunity to achieve them. But not all of us will achieve and maintain them, though. What separates the ones who succeed long term from the ones who repeatedly fail?
The process.
The Resolved Warriors will succeed in the short AND long term because they are committed to the process, not just the end result. They will embrace the opportunity to achieve what they want, and exercise their RESOLVE to get it done.

Becoming Physically FREE, Once and For All, By Embracing The Life of a Resolved Warrior!

Back in 2010, I made a decision to embrace The Process and free myself from the prison of yo-yo dieting, obsession with the scale (that would dictate my mood that day), the “all or nothing” mindset, losing motivation, negative self-talk, guilt and the “starting over tomorrow” syndrome.

As a result, I became more confident, free of food and exercise obsession, I dropped 12% body fat, transformed my ENTIRE life and made it my personal mission to teach other people how to do exactly the same thing.

Seven years later I still teach people these same principles and have had the privilege of helping many people learn the habits they needed to finally get free from that prison, and now I get to do that on a larger scale than ever with The Resolved Life TRIBE (TRL Tribe).

We are Resolved Warriors.

We are sick of the old way, ready to lock arms with each other and embrace the new way.

(The simple- but not easy- way.)

Together we will learn, grow, and become our best selves by making small, seemingly insignificant changes to our habits, consistently over time.

We will FIGHT for our best lives, step-by-step, day by day.
We will not fall victim to the yo-yo diets, the flashy fads, or the “all or nothing” mentality.
We will be confident, and love ourselves.
We will allow ourselves to DREAM again.
We are not perfect, but we will rise up after every stumble and fall.
We are ALL IN on our lives and we will fight for that freedom every day.



Join hundreds of others who have finally experienced freedom from the prison of yo-yo dieting, guilt, binging, excessive exercise, and stress.

Download your Process Project Blueprint now!!!

Get started on the system that will free you from that prison, in a stress-free, simple way.

I can’t wait to help you, and see your amazing transformation!!

Every journey starts with a single step!!!